Why Fi? What Is (or Should Be) Technology Doing To and For Us?

David Hostetler
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T 12:30–1:45 p
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How much “facebooking” is “good” or “appropriate”? Is e-mail and other e-communication all its cracked up to be? How many phone “apps” should we download…and for what purposes? Do we “need” that iPad2 or, if we just “want” it, why? How much technology is “too much”? In fact, what are the best questions to be asking ourselves?

This seminar will explore the emergence and dominance of modern technologies and their affect on our lives: good, bad…and neutral.   Underlying course inquiry are the primary questions: "Why and how should we use this technology?" and “How should we decide?”

We will consider, in part, underlying issues of personal and social purpose, morality, and philosophy.   For instance: (1) How can and should we determine what is “good”, personally and culturally? (2) What are (or should be) our assumptions and values? (2) To what extent are the considerations and answers the same -- and different -- depending on generational, personal, and cultural differences? The Seminar will rely on classic and contemporary materials -- beginning with the Greeks -- to be discussed in Socratic fashion and to encourage reflective thinking and dialog. 

NOTE:  This course is taught 50% online.

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