Susan Reed

Reed, Susan

Susan F. Reed grew up Boone, where her family moved when she was seven-years old. She is contingently employed at ASU, where, as needed, she teaches in the Departments of Sustainable Development and Leadership and Educational Studies. The research focus for her doctorate in educational leadership culminated in In/Appropriate Education in a Time of Mass Extinction: Composing a Methodological Imbroglio of Love and Grief. Her essay, “Something Else is More Important than Fear: Becoming-In/Appropriate Educational Leaders on the Verge in a Time of Mass Extinction and Climate Catastrophe,” was published in Apocalyptic Leadership in Education: Facing an Unsustainable World from Where We Stand (2017), edited by Vachel W. Miller. She was Consulting Editor of Cold Mountain Review for the Fall 2017 Special Issue on Extinction; and is a board member of Climate Voices U.S., which is in the process of activating Transition in her community.

Peace and social justice, and environmental and economic justice movements have shaped her worldview, and work and lifestyle choices. The Arts have both informed her understanding of the world, and served as an important avenue for expressing her work in the world.

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