The Study of Games

Dee Parks & Scott Rice
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TR 2:00-3:15 pm
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This course is an exploration of the art and science of game design. Class discussions and writings will explore the nature of games as interactive systems in which participants engage in artificial conflicts governed by rules. We will learn to devise rules that work together to create meaningful play for game participants. We will also discuss topics such as whether people can become addicted to games, whether the violence of some of today's games can be harmful to young people, and whether online gaming communities convey the same benefits as other types of communities. Much of the work of the class will be done in small groups. For the course project, teams of students will design new board games. The project will be done in phases with different deliverables such as a description of the board and game tokens, a discussion of the rules of the game, a playable prototype, a paper on the reasons for the team’s design decisions, and the final game itself. Co-curricular expectations include mandatory attendance at weekly evening game labs, day and time to be decided by class members.

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