S.T.E.M. & Sustainability

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S.T.E.M. & Sustainability
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110: TR 9:30-10:45AM
Fall 2017

The process of learning mathematical skills and acquiring critical thinking knowledge can be enhanced by application of learning tools to specific social and environmental issues. In this course, students will learn and practice scientific techniques and critical thinking by focusing on environmental and sustainability issues.  The course includes projects and activities, which guide students in integrating their scientific and mathematical skills for drawing substantive interpretations and conclusions about environmental issues. To this end they will measure, analyze, and evaluate each environmental issue using interdisciplinary approaches and the scientific method. Through this applied approach students not only will be engaged more effectively in learning skills, but they will gain awareness and knowledge about environmental and sustainability issues.

This course will look at the environmental issues from a different point of view than that offered by an environmental science course. Students will gain appropriate knowledge and sensitivity to realize that sources of some environmental issues are deeply rooted within the fabrics of those societies. For example, global population growth and whether it is sustainable should be examined from different angles and be addressed appropriately. In some societies, having more children might be seen as or equivalent to wealth and is encouraged. Issues of limited food and resources in those societies should be addressed with sensitivity and careful consideration. Another example is the pollution caused by some industrial countries that manufacture most of the electronic appliances worldwide. The course provides discussion opportunities on whether the pollution issues can be addressed without looking at the dependency factor.

I joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences in Appalachian State University on August 2001 and I have been teaching Introduction to Mathematics, College Algebra and Pre Calculus since then. I have a M.S. degree in Nuclear Science and Engineering (Medical Physics Track) form Louisiana State University. I am married with two children. One of my hobbies is to travel and learn about different cultures as much as I can. I love mountains and am very passionate about environment and preserving as much beauty and goodness of it as we can for future generatio

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