Rock Lyrics, Culture & Society

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Rock Lyrics: Culture, Aesthetics, and Sociology
Dixie Farthing
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147: MWF 11:00-11:50 am; 148: MWF 12:00-12:50 pm
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Rock music is both a social and a cultural force, as well as a means of personal and poetic expression. Every day we are all exposed to popular music and sometimes might even find ourselves singing along to songs on our i-pods, CD players, or radios. What if we had the opportunity and means to delve deeper into these same lyrics, exploring them critically, analyzing their use of poetic language, discovering the social and cultural influences that shaped the lives of the songwriters, and then applying those same critical skills in making sense of our day-to-day lives? In our class, each of you will develop your own set of criteria in determining the meaning and worth of rock lyrics as art and social commentary. You will exchange views with your peers, see what you have in common with other members of the class in terms of your sensibilities and tastes, and will see the world through someone else’s perspective. The experience of bringing singers and listeners together as members of a community is a return to the ritual power of the word, to poetry that first began in song, and to a force that unites us in revealing our interior and collective truths. As art, and as social and cultural constructs, rock lyrics serve as a natural gateway into a larger world.

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