Prospective First Year Seminar Instructors

For Prospective Instructors of First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar (UCO 1200, HON 1515, WRC 1103) introduces first-year Appalachian students (freshmen and transfers*) to rigorous academic study at the University level through interdisciplinary engagement with a broad topic or question. Experienced faculty engage FYS students in a shared process of inquiry in small seminar-style classes.  (The average class size is 22.)  The faculty help students make the transition to academic life at Appalachian by introducing students to a variety of library research tools, making connections with faculty and other students, introducing the wide range of resources Appalachian provides its students, and involving the university and local community.  Teaching FYS also requires explicit communication with students about the University's General Education learning goals to help students build competencies that will take them through their college career and beyond.  

All of Appalachian's First Year Seminars (including the WRC and HON equivalents) share in common the following learning goals, which are the foundation of the University's General Education Program: developing creative and critical thinking abilities; cultivating effective communication skills; making local-to-global connections; and understanding responsibilities of community membership. Appalachian’s First Year Seminar course serves as a designated Global Learning Opportunity ("GLO" for short) because all FYS courses cultivate intercultural competence by examining a single issue from multiple perspectives.  All FYS courses also include a library research component around the individual topic to build students' information literacy skills.

First Year Seminar courses are taught at universities across the nation, but there are many different types.  Some FYS courses are extended orientations, some introduce students to a specific discipline or profession, and some are basic study skills seminars.  At Appalachian our First Year Seminars are not these types.  At Appalachian every First Year Seminar is designed by the individual faculty member proposing the course on their topic of choice that integrates the aforementioned objectives.  As such, Appalachian's First Year Seminars are first and foremost academic seminars based on the unique content of an instructor's scholarly expertise, taught so as to meet the shared goals of our FYS program.  Teaching a First Year Seminar can be a rewarding, fun, and enriching experience for the instructor and their students.  

Prospective instructors propose their topic and describe how their course will meet the common learning goals to an elected faculty committee which reviews each proposal about a year in advance. (See below for current deadlines.)

First Year Seminar faculty most often already work and teach on our campus.  In some cases, we hire individual instructors on a course-by-course basis, even though we cannot provide office space or computers for these individuals.

An elected faculty committee (FCC) reviews each FYS proposal and the credentials of anyone proposing to teach a FYS course.  For this reason, a FYS course is not "transferable"-- any course approved is approved to be taught by a specific instructor.  And any given instructor's course, once approved, must be re-reviewed after three years to be eligible for renewal.  

Please click on the link below for more information about the steps to take when applying to teach a First Year Seminar.

If you have questions about the process, outlined at the link below, for proposing a FYS course, please contact Dr. Rick Klima, FYS Faculty Coordinator, at

Interested in teaching First Year Seminar? Here are the guidelines describing everything you need to do: Start here. *

*New Course Proposals are now being accepted for courses to teach in Fall 2020.  Deadline for proposals is 5:00 pm,  Monday, November  18, 2019.  Please see the "start here" link above to begin the proposal process.

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