Neither Black nor White

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Neither Black nor White: Studies of Slavery in the Ancient and Modern World
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112: TR 9:30-10:45AM
Fall 2017
Global Issues

Traditionally, the word slavery conjures in the popular imagination images of cotton fields and slave spirituals, of resistance and brutality, of slaves stealing themselves away, following the North Star to freedom. While historians like Orlando Peterson, David Brion Davis, Ira Berlin, and others have tried to challenge these images with a more nuanced understanding, the old antebellum images persist. Contrary to the popular myth of slavery as an antebellum, southern American institution, images codified by popular movies like Gone with the Wind, Django Unchained, and 12 Years a Slave, and most recently Birth of a Nation, slavery existed everywhere. Indeed, every society had an institution in which particular people were designated "other." In this class, slavery is explored as a global institution, one that varied over time and space. 


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