It’s Not Your Parents’ News

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It's Not Your Parents' News: The Concept of News in the 21st Century
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171: MWF 11:00-11:50AM
Fall 2017
The Arts
Global Issues

How do you find out what is happening in the world?  Do you turn to Facebook or Twitter?  What about Comedy Central’s The Daily Show?  If you ask your parents where they got their news when they were your age, they will probably answer the nightly news on television or the local newspaper. With today’s 24/7 news cycle, cable networks and the evolution of social media, it’s no longer your parents’ news.  In this interactive course, we will explore what news is and how the definition has changed in the 21st century.  We’ll examine how you get your news, the role of  social media in both developing and delivering the news, and how news intersects with entertainment.  Globally, we'll look at a day in the news to assess what different newspapers and broadcast stations around the world determine to be newsworthy.  We’ll invite interesting experts in the field to our classroom as well as tour local and campus newspapers, television, and radio stations.  You’ll also be part of a news team and “report” on a local issue that you determine to be newsworthy.  Come learn what is new about the news.


My title in the Department of Communication is “Lecturer” but I don’t lecture (although my daughter may argue). My classroom is a place where students and I work as a team to determine the important questions to be asked and then we explore the answers together. It’s important to me that my students learn not only the material, but how to interpret content, explore ideas, and express themselves. Although I’m fairly new to Boone, I am not new to teaching. I have taught diverse students including freshman at North Carolina State University, returning students at Wake Technical Community College and new immigrants at Motheread, Inc. As my teaching experience may suggest to our in-state students, I lived 25 years in Raleigh prior to moving to Boone in 2007. I grew up in Charlotte (South Mecklenburg High School graduate) reading the Charlotte Observer and watching WBTV’s nightly news. I still do. I also did my undergraduate work in Charlotte at UNC Charlotte and then moved to Columbia to earn my Master’s degree in Mass Communication at the University of South Carolina. My interest in “the news” started in middle school where I was the editor of our school newspaper. I also edited my high school and college newspapers. When I’m not reading and studying the concept of news in my office on campus (hopefully also meeting with students often), I’m in the kitchen baking breads and cakes, on my couch reading books about presidential history, or on the Greenway enjoying Boone’s fabulous weather and scenery

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