Global Asian Religions

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Global Asian Religions
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116: MW 3:30-4:45PM
Fall 2017
Global Issues

This course is an introductory survey of some of the major religious traditions of Asia, focusing on those indigenous to India and China.  We will examine the origins and development of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism, as well as investigate how these religious traditions are impacting certain contemporary issues, such as the relevancy of Gandhian non-violent political activism, the Westernization of Asian traditions in the American cultural marketplace (e.g., yoga and mindfulness meditation in therapeutic medicine), the decline of ritualizing in communal American life compared to Confucian cultures, and the confluence of traditional medicine and global economics (e.g., Chinese medicine and the endangered species black-market). Students will get an overview of the main beliefs, practices, and sacred narratives of these Asian religious traditions, as well as learn about specific concepts such as karma, rebirth, yoga, meditation, nirvana, yin/yang, the Dao, and ancestor veneration.

I am a professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at App State, with a research focus on the religions of China and Vietnam, specifically the history of Buddhism and the comparative history of the afterlife in world religions. I also teach courses on death, ritual, gender, sexuality, and religion. For more about my research and other courses you can visit my department website:

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