Debra Poulos

Debbie Poulos is a Senior Lecturer in the Communication Department, where she has taught a variety of communication courses over the past 17 years. As an instructor, her first commitment is to her students; her intention is to create a vibrant, engaging learning experience. Debbie is committed to providing assignments and evaluation criteria in advance and being accessible to her students as a learning resource, study skills developer, mentor, and guide. Furthermore, she is dedicated to a collaborative and comfortable learning environment, which she views as a cooperative effort between herself and her students. This type of atmosphere serves well when students experience different types of learning strategies in her courses such lecture, discussion, boundary breaking activities and small group assignments

Debbie has taught First Year Seminar Courses for the past 16 years. She enjoys developing relationships with her students at the begin of their college journey. She says that she gains energy and excitement from her students which transfers to her teaching. Debbie said, “There is an old Talmudic expression that loosely translates as, “If you feed a person a fish, you have fed them for a day, but if you teach them how to fish, you have fed them for a lifetime!”  As an Instructor I enjoy the responsibility of feeding (providing course content) my students, with my goal of the course being to teach them how to fish (create conversations where students and teacher openly share views and develop knowledge about each other’s assumptions) which will encourage them to be lifelong learners and successful in all aspects of their lives. It is a privilege to see the growth and development, both intellectually and socially, of students throughout their college career”.

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