What Body? Whose Mind?

Holly Roark
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MWF 11:00 - 11:50 am
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“The root of all health is in the brain.  The trunk of it is in the emotion.  The branches and leaves are in the body.  The flower of health blooms when all parts work together” – Kurdish Saying

“Awareness changes how we physically move.  As we become more fluid and resilient so do the mental, emotional, and spiritual movements of our lives.” – Emilie Conrad Da’oud

Too often in our technologically driven world we have become disconnected between our minds and bodies.  The excessive stimulation often has us feeling overwhelmed and unable to find calm and focus within our lives.  The lack of movement and engagement of the body has us feeling ill at ease.  This requires us to sometimes step back and re-evaluate how we are living our lives and how we can make small changes that provide a sense of wellness in the everyday.  This course will take students on a journey of discovery of what body/mind is and how it has been viewed historically, culturally, within families, and personally.  Throughout the semester, students will review literature on the ideas of body/mind relationships, foster a sense of kinetic learning through somatic experiences, and explore how “daily” nourishment from food, sleep, and movement not only creates wellness but also helps an individual achieve success within the broadest community and their professional and personal lives

Instructor Bio: 

Holly Roark is one of those Appalachian State University students that came and never left! Falling in love with the High Country when she first came to Boone she still feels blessed that she found a way to stay! Upon graduating in 1998 Holly and her now husband started looking for land to build a homestead. While this was going on they married started having children and Holly started a masters degree in community counseling at ASU. Taking the slow road toward completing her master's degree Holly also taught dance at ASU as well as the Boone area while mostly staying home with her children. There was a lot of tag teaming with her husband! By the time she finally graduated in 2006 with an emphasis in body-center therapy and counseling college students her and her family had a thriving homestead just outside of Boone, NC where they also teach workshops in "living off the land".

Holly has a deep passion for finding one's own truth and it seems natural to her that she should be teaching FYS which incorporates both her love of teaching and her love of guiding college students. Combining her studies with her own living experiences Holly's goal is to help each student find her/his truth within while navigating the constant stream of information and misinformation coming in. Holly believes in experiential learning so the students find themselves engaged in self-study projects and creating their own inquiries into topic to help stimulate class discussions. Both from bringing in guest teachers to offer a variety of topics and sending students on a quest of experience she helps students find what fits into their own lives to become thriving students that can continue into becoming thriving members of a community.

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