Polarized Politics

Cindy Wallace
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TR 9:30-10:45 am
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Who defines us? Students will be asked to examine personally held beliefs in light of those held by classmates, the campus, the state, and the nation. Additionally, you will create proposed legislation after researching a public policy issue.

Public policy provides a multitude of opportunities to identify differences of opinion and various ideas for resolving problems facing the nation. 

This course will address how the American public generally holds moderate political preferences, but political elites are by definition extremists. This course will discuss the role of contemporary media (internet, blogs, cable TV, etc…) in propagating the idea of a divided America. Students will research individual issues which supposedly divide the country. Ultimately the solutions with the most likely probability of working can be found within moderate policy proposals.

Instructor Bio: 

Cindy Wallace has been part of the Appalachian community for over thirty years and she has taught a freshman seminar every year.  Welcoming students to the university and inviting each student to join the academic journey at Appalachian is a significant role of the first year seminar.  Understanding and embracing the importance of being an engaged citizen on this campus, in this state (or your state) and in this nation is central to this course.  Our class will be filled with current events, lively discussion and examination of the relationship between knowledge and action in your daily life.

Currently, Cindy serves as the Vice Chancellor for Student Development and views advocacy for students as critical to her position.  She lives on the Blue Ridge Parkway with her husband and beloved Humane Society dogs and is an incredibly proud mother of two amazing sons.

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