Make Stuff/Do Things

Paul Wallace
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TR 12:30 - 1:45 pm
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This first year seminar engages learners in concepts related to the Maker Movement, particularly digital making, which encourages and enables people to create, rather than merely consume, technology and media. With new digital tools and components, together with help from online communities and social media, people around the world are increasingly more interested and able to combine tradition crafting with computing, and the digital world. This movement, with its tools of transformation, has the potential to disrupt modern industries, and is already considered to represent a new industrial revolution.

 The aim of this class is to examine the history and theory underlying the digital maker culture, including the learning theory of constructionism, which holds that we learn best through making and sharing. We also reflect on the need for digital literacy in this day and age, to be able to use and manipulate digital technologies in creative ways. The course is not all theory, as participants will have multiple and varied opportunities to engage in hands-on digital making activities in categories such a physical computing and robotics; developing web content; creating media; remixes, and mashups; and designing mobile apps and augmented reality

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I am currently an associate professor of instructional technology in the Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University. The focus of my teaching is the integration of technology into teaching and learning. Some themes that run throughout all of my courses include incorporating a global perspective, promoting 21st-century skills, and the role of technology in aiding communication and collaboration. In addition, I have a strong interest in service-learning, and incorporate community engagement activities into many of my courses, including our First Year Seminar.

Although my field focuses on “technology”, I believe that technology is simply a tool that empowers and assists us in connecting to local and global knowledge, resources, and people.
Prior to my current position here at Appalachian State University, I spent 10 years outside of the the United States. I worked in the IT industry in Japan for several years, was a visiting professor at a university in China, and taught instructional technology at the University of Guam. I believe strongly in bringing international concepts into all of my courses at the University, encouraging students to consider beliefs from the perspective of other cultures.
My interest in the world, and experiences visiting many places, has helped my teaching and research here at App. For instance, my experience living and working in Japan has helped me forge a relationship with Future University Hakodate (FUN) in Japan. As a result, in our First Year Seminar course, “Make Stuff / Do Things: The Digital Maker Movement”, you will be collaborating with Japanese students at Future University in several online sessions, to collectively program simple robots to solve problems.

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