Eating Our Way to Health?

Nigel Davies
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MW 2:00 - 3:15
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This course will explore nutritional research, myths and dietary information from the USA and around the world.  Students will analyze and evaluate various nutritional research, plans and guidelines. The students will then select, modify and/or develop a nutritional plan, which they will follow for 8 weeks.  They will ethnographically document their experiences including: food and liquid intake; emotional, physical and cognitive wellness; successes and challenges in complying with their nutritional plan; recommended nutritional plan modifications. Other learning experiences include: tracking three selected foods from origin to their plate and comparing selected nutritional topics with other states and nations establishing strong relationships and consequences between local and more globally diverse choices; and two student selected case study topics which will require a thorough analysis of a topic from multiple perspectives. All course work and learning activities will be saved to an E-Portfolio.

Instructor Bio: 

Nigel has lived and taught in Australia, UK and obviously the United States. His degrees are in teacher education, health and kinesiology. At his previous university he was the Director of the University Wellness Program and currently works in Hubbard Programs for Faculty Excellence. He and his wife ‘dabble’ in farming, raising chickens, goats, turkeys and cattle, growing fruits and vegetables using organic, humane and sustainable practices. He is passionate about the environment and the ‘Buy Local’ movement. His courses are student centered, emphasizing choice, critical and logical thinking, teamwork, technology, analysis, debate and discussion. He takes his teaching responsibilities seriously and expects his students to be active, proactive and productive participants. When not working or ‘dabbling’ Nigel enjoys mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and travelling.

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