Death (and Rebirth?) of the Hippie

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Death (and Rebirth?) of the Hippie: Rise and Fall of a Cultural Archetype
Brad Southard
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MW 2:00 - 3:15 pm
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This course will examine the cultural period of the 60’s, the “Hippie” culture, its rise and demise. The Hippie archetype will be examined through the lens of music, politics, fashion, and cultural way of life of the hippie. We will also look at how a ‘counterculture’ seemingly transformed into a mainstream phenomenon within popular culture. Socio-historical context will be extremely important in this examination of this archetype and the culture pervading it. The Vietnam War, the sexual revolution, the civil rights struggle, the corrupt political climate, societal and political repression, as well as other aspects, will be critical to this exploration. In conclusion, the question will be posed as to how this cultural phenomenon influenced contemporary society and whether or not the hippie culture is present in some forms in the youth of contemporary American society, the “neo-hippie” movement.  

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