Counterculture, The

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The Counterculture: 1957-1975
Tamara Parnell
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149: TR 12:30 ā€“ 1:45 pm 150: TR 3:30 ā€“ 4:45 pm
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This course will examine political, social and cultural changes to the United States in the tumultuous decade of the 1960s through readings, discussions and a research project. It will begin by describing the consensus that existed in the 1950s and will explore such topics as: post-war United States, the Civil Rights Movement, the womenā€™s movement and the war in Vietnam.
Emphasis will be on the growth of the counterculture and the effects of the counterculture movement in arts, literature, music and politics.

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Tamara Parnell has spent most of her life in Boone, North Carolina. A self-admitted ski bum, she spent many
years skiing in Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe and Sequoia National Park. Speaking towards her theme "The
Counterculutre" she travelled with The Grateful Dead for 8 years before returning to Appalachian State
University in 1999 to finish her bachelor's and earn her master's degree in History. History is her passion as it
is the archeology of the written word, her inspiration coming from seeing "Raiders of the Lost Ark" at age 10.
She spends most of her time reading current novels and learning of ancient civilizations. Her heart resides in
the Blue Ridge mountains, and when she cannot be found wandering the halls of Anne Belk Hall, she can be
found walking her two cats in Blowing Rock.

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