Coffee, Culture, & Communication

Debra Poulos
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TR 8:00 – 9:15 am
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Coffee is more than just a drink: it’s a lifestyle, a survey into history, a gastronomic adventure, a study in farming and a way to explore different cultures.

This course will provide an overview of coffee, from it historical background and meanings and arguments over its use, to the pragmatic aspects of production and processing, to its entertaining dimensions. Coffee, through these central themes, provides students with a dynamic lens through which they will investigate, observe, and discovers the roles of coffee in their lives and world. As a First Year Seminar, class time will be spent mainly in the discussion. We will learn from each other, from our readings, from movies, guest speakers, interviewees, and from our own observations. The class will include fieldtrips to a local coffee roaster and several independent coffee shops. Throughout the course, coffee will be the focus of learning opportunities that will help students expand their understanding of history, politics, economics, geography, and communication while also applying critical-thinking, writing, speaking, and computer-related skills.

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