$45 Trillion Wealth Wipeout

Lisa Maggiore
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TR 9:30 - 10:45 am
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This course is an interdisciplinary study of the current global economic crisis. During our study we will:

  • watch, read and conduct interviews with individuals who have experienced prior economic crises,
  • read and watch fictional, educational and biographical works illuminating events leading to past and current economic crises,
  • investigate the causes of economic crises and both successful and unsuccessful reactions to them,
  • explore the effects of the global economy on our locality and the arts available locally,
  • investigate the effects of our daily choices on the global community, economically, and
  • research the connections between the global economy on human inequality.
The objective of this course is to research the causes of the current global economic crisis, providing students with guided instruction in academic research. I expect the class to coalesce into a dynamic, caring, learning community that values the differences and commonalities between us. Students will learn methods of inquiry complementary to their learning styles and explore the resources available at ASU to help them in that research. Students will explore various cultural values and expectations regarding money, economics, lending and borrowing. Assignments are chosen to teach students how to pursue a research question of their own design.

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