Counterculture, The

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The Counterculture 1957 - 1975
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149: MWF 10:00 – 10:50 am
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150: MWF 12:00 – 12:50 pm
Fall 2016
The Arts
Civic Engagement

This course will examine political, social and cultural changes to the United States in the tumultuous decade of the 1960s through readings, discussions and a research project. It will begin by describing the consensus that existed in the 1950s and will explore such topics as: post-war United States, the Civil Rights Movement, the women’s movement and the war in Vietnam. Emphasis will be on the growth of the counterculture and the effects of the counterculture movement in arts, literature, music and politics.


Andy has been deeply interested in connections between different subjects and classes since he was in middle school. When he came to Appalachian State University as an undergraduate, he had the opportunity to participate in Watauga College (now Watauga Global Community), gaining experience as part of a residential learning community, and learning more about the value of an interdisciplinary approach to education.  While he was working toward his MA in English at ASU, Andy taught composition courses for two years.  During this time, he pursued his interests beyond the traditional bounds of English and composition, teaching writing courses linked with Biology for Majors, and exploring the value of cultivating intentional writing communities based upon interest.  Also at this point, he began including Service Learning in his courses, having his students participate in and write reflective pieces on the Big Sweep River Cleanup Project.

Shortly after graduate school, Andy began also teaching First Year Seminar, having designed a course called Ecosystems and Communities, which includes Service Learning to a greater extent as a major component of the course.  For four years now, he has also been teaching Social Change and Social Issues, the First Year Seminar course linked to the Service and Leadership Residential Learning Community.  During the time since he first participated in Watauga College, Andy has continued gaining appreciation for the value of learning communities and of Service Learning.

Among Andy's interests beyond the classroom are hiking, trail building, conservation, and music.

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