The Brain: A User’s Guide

Mark Zrull
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TR 12:30 – 1:45 pm
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The Brain: A User’s Guide is a course about how the brain works to produce behavior and mind. So, it is a neuroscience and behavior course for any student. In this UCO 1200 section we will: explore some basics of how the brain works and how this informs us about the nature of behavior and mind; talk about specific things the brain does like producing sensory experience and perception, emotion, learning and memory, creative and critical thinking, and a sense of self; and, learn how scientists study the brain, and present and justify ideas and theories. We’ll use a small selection of “readings” and texts that explore brain and mind. Students will be expected to generate a good question from the reading for most class periods, engage in discussion and some in-class work, write three or so short papers, and probably take a couple of exams. We will engage in a hands-on activity or two and make use of local visual and/or performing arts to enhance our discussions. There will be a course project designed to explore some aspect of how the brain works to produce behavior and/or mind.

  • Note: Priority enrollment given to residents of the Brain Matters residential learning community.
  • Unused seats will be available for general enrollment on 07/02/2012.


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