The Bicycle: Agent and Symbol of Change

Kathy Henson
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TR 5:00 – 6:15 pm
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From the velocipede to the penny farthing to Lance Armstrong's high tech Trek, the bicycle represents change.  But the technological advances aren't the only way that the bike has shaken things up in the two centuries of its existence.  This class will examine how the bicycle has evolved technologically but also how the bike has been instrumental in social, cultural, and personal change.  We will explore the way attitudes about the controversial invention have changed over time and how different groups have embraced or rejected the bicycle and why.  We'll examine how the bike, cycling, and cyclists have been represented in the media and read travel narratives by people who have biked around the world on life changing adventures.  We'll finish the course by looking at how our laws and our built environment accommodate--or fail to accommodate--the bicycle as an alternative mode of transportation and ask what concerned citizens can do to initiate change. 

Note: This course is taught 50% online.


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