The Beauty of the Eaarth

Mark Ford
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MWF 12:00 – 12:50
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Bill McKibben has suggested that we rename the planet we live on Eaarth because it is no longer the same planet that has existed for most of human history. The weather is hotter, wetter, drier, and more violent, ecosystems are collapsing, resources are becoming scarce, and there are more people now than ever before. And yet, even on this new planet, with all of its many problems, there will be beauty and the possibility for human happiness and meaning. This class will explore what the future might look like and how, even in the worst-case scenarios, it may be possible to live good lives—even if they differ dramatically from what we once imagined a good life would look like. We will look at historical examples of how people have responded to past disasters (both human-caused and natural), as well as fictional accounts, and we will look at the trend lines that experts are warning about.


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